Over the years I have worked on number of projects, whether they were big or small. I am not the only developer who will most likely not want to show some of their earlier work. It's mostly because some of the practices that we used back in the day, might have been considered as best practices back then, but are no longer the case.

Technology has changed tremendously, mainly because of all the internet-capable devices that we have access to in today's modern world. So, I feel like today our industry and best practices change or are getting improved more frequently more than ever before.


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    My main responsibility on this project was to implement responsive web design to brand new site where I primarily worked on HTML, CSS, some JS and PHP within Wordpress environment. I worked in a team at ISITE together with a designer and PHP developer.

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    Together with the team at ISITE, we were asked to redesign and rebuild the entire site, with alternative, more simplified version for handheld devices. I was in charge for HTML, CSS and JS for both, full and mobile site.

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    I was asked to create a promo page for PhotoBlast iPhone App that was developed by Mobile team at ISITE Design. I was provided with a desktop version of a PSD file but took upon myself to make the page responsive, even though it wasn't asked of me in a first place. But why not, as it sure was a fun thing to do, especially deciding what will happen in various breakpoints.

    You can read more about my work process, challenges and tools I've used to help me along the way.

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    Due to complexity, amount work and small time frame to complete everything for this project, I worked in a larger team at ISITE with couple of other front end developers and .NET developers. In order to be successful in a timely manner, we had to divide tasks, so I was mainly responsible for HTML, CSS and some JS. One of the challenges was that we were provided with final design and list of feature requirements from another agency, which we were expected to deliver.

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Connective DX (Previously ISITE Design, Inc.)
Senior Front-end Developer,
Primary roles include development of HTML/CSS based templates, JS, which are later implemented into .NET or PHP based CMS. There is client interaction during project pre-planning, and during development.
Cascade Auto Glass
Over the years, the site went through various iterations and rounds of redesigns where I was primarily in charge of HTML, CSS and JS while working with client's .NET developer.
Web Producer,
During the course of the year I was able to create from scratch a style guide for in-house developers, which was based on a patients portal that I was in charge of creating brand new templates based on new design. Was invlolved in early pre-planning of entire site's redesign by providing feedback on best practices, accessibility and SEO.
Big B Creations
Creative Art Director,
Being the part of a small team, I was wearing many hats, being a designer and developer, as well as consultant to clients on their best solutions and approaches needed to be taken on their projects.


The Art Institute of Portland
Senior Front-end Developer,
BS in Interactive Media Design
Web Development Certificate


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