Challah Bread

Challah bread, or “Vianočka”, which is how I knew it growing up, has always been one of the common mildly sweet breads in pretty much every Slovak household.

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My 2014 Wrap Up

This is my 2014 year summary, filled with travels, soul searching, fun memories but also few heartbreaks.

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Bratislava Crescents

According to quite fascinating history, dating as far as 18th century, Bratislava Crescents / Bratislavské Rožky are tied to my hometown and over the centuries have become one of the main signature baked goods not just among its locals but also countless visitors, as well as emperors from Austro-Hungarian Empire.

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Walnut Cookies

Walnut-shaped cookies are among other traditional Christmas cookies in Slovakia. I’ve had them so many times before but never actually knew how to make them. During my last visit back home over Christmas holidays, one of our family friends had them when I came over for a visit and just couldn’t stop eating them, as […]

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Linzer Cookies

Linzer cookies, just like Vanilla Horseshoe Cookies and many others, are one of many that are considered as one of traditional Christmas cookies that can be found during holiday season but also throughout a year at most households in Eastern Europe. During this time of the year, I naturally become somewhat nostalgic for some of […]

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