It seems like I have been all over the place since 2010 travelling. Thanks to that I have met many great people, out of which I could call quite of few of them friends for life. In most cases, I was the one travelling across US or even to Canada to attend numerous web conferences like An Event Apart or Interlink.

If it wasn’t me travelling outside of Portland, there were people visiting Portland, OR that I has been my home for the past 12 years. Considering myself somewhat of a local now, I found myself becoming sort of a tour guide to those visiting.

Inspired by Jeremy Keith‘s Bedroll, I thought it would be fun to create a list of my own called “Carroll“. Over the last few months, I have driven people around Seattle, Vancouver BC or the Portland area. In most cases I would be driving people around to help them discover the beauty and charm that Portland, OR truly has to offer. I was very flattered to have been upgraded to a “legend status” for my tour guiding skills.

Being a fan of Microformats, it was an obvious thing for me to implement them into the Carroll list as well.

So, if you ever find your way to Portland Boston and I am in town, I hope to not let you down and upkeep my so far, so good reputation. 🙂


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