Meeting Luke Perry on set of “The Leverage”

Still can’t believe that I did in fact got to meet the Luke Perry that I used to watch during my teen years back in ’90s on Beverly Hills 90210!

How did that happen? Well, I came to work like any other day, bright and early before 6:30 A.M. As I was pulling around our office building, I noticed a whole bunch of trailers. Couldn’t tell whether they were unloading or packing after an event that might have taken place over the weekend.

So I just went in, and started to go about my day while here and there tried to figure out as coworkers started to come in, what might be happening. Then I hear that it was a film crew. However, it took almost till lunch time till I found out what it was. One coworker came up to my desk and told me that since I enjoy to stalk celebrities that Ii might care to know that there is Luke Perry outside of our building filming TNT TV Show “The Leverage“.

And you know, the second I heard Luke Perry, I got up and rushed to the window to see for myself. Of course, I wasn’t the only one who was curious and looking. In fact people had binoculars to get a “closer” look. I tried to take few pics with my iPhone, but that just wasn’t cutting it for me. You couldn’t really tell what was going on. I mean, it could have been anyone on those pics. After few minutes, I just went back to my desk and uploaded the little I had to Facebook to share the excitement with my friends.

… a little after that I got an IM from my other coworker admitting that she grabbed my pics to put them on her FB too. That was when I told her that I was tempted to go downstairs to get a better shot. When she said she would go with me, we looked at each other with a grin on our faces, knotted our heads… and there we went… 🙂

We didn’t say anything to anyone, just went downstairs till we got right were the set was. Except, we stood across from the street while observing Luke Perry walking around as he was on his cell. At that point we just didn’t have the courage nor didn’t know what would be the best way to come up to him and ask to take a picture with him.

We just kept standing there and playing out different scenarios till one of the crew members came up to us and told me: “I dare you to go up to him and ask for a picture with him.” I said that I want to but not sure how to go about it. That was when he said that he is super nice guy that we should just go for it instead of just standing around. That the worse thing that could happen to us would be that he might say “no”.

So, Annie and I told ourselves that we should just go for it since we were already there. So, by the time we were ready to go… he was GONE! We were bummed as we felt we just totally missed our chance to meet him. As we were standing around, another coworkers showed up, so we started to chat. Few minutes later, Luke reappeared outside, so there was our new opportunity to just go for it. I saw him talking to some people, so I decided to wait till he was done talking to be polite and respectful.

… and there it was… he started to move into the street, so we said “let’s go now!” I rushed, while still trying to look cool and hopefully well composed, over to the other side of the street and said something along the lines: “Hi! Excuse me, I don’t mean to disturb you but I was wondering if both of you wouldn’t mind to take a picture with me and my friend?” At that point Luke was standing there with Beth Riesgraf who plays “The Thief” on the show and I think at that point was saying goodbye to someone who looked like Aldis Hodge who plays “The Hacker“. They both looked at me and said sure. I got in the middle of them while Annie grabbed my phone to snap a pic. She had a little difficulty, so she had to take another one 🙂 I don’t blame her, since I know Luke was talking to me and I had a hard time registering anything at that point other than getting the heck out of there, just so I wouldn’t “waste” any more of their time.. 😀 I know, silly me… All I remember that as we were taking the pic, he said that this is my wife Beth. That would have been probably a great time to introduce myself to them too, but no… too much to ask of my brain cells to work that well at that point. On top of it all, I remember to be surprised bu how tight Luke in fact held me around my waist. I just wasn’t accustomed to anything like that from someone like him, but was pleasantly surprised and touched in a way. I mean, who wouldn’t have been more star struck standing next to someone that you’ve never thought of as being real human being, being the same guy from posters, stickers, TV, movie screen or who knows what else, right from almost 20 years ago? 😀

Anyway, as Annie was taking another pic, Luke seemed to like my iPhone case and as I had my headphones nicely wrapped around it. Again, didn’t know how to respond to that. Later Annie said that I should have ask him for his number, so I could later tell him where I got it. Pretty clever idea, right? Just didn’t think of it in time… 🙁

Oh well, I took a picture of Annie, politely thanked them for their time and abruptly turned around and walked back to our coworkers. Everyone on the street were watching us including coworkers upstairs in the office.

Well, we were heroines the moment we walked back up. I guess I didn’t disappoint anyone at that point. It seemed like quite of few of them were convinced that if there was going to be someone going downstairs to get a picture taken with Luke, it would have been me. I guess they were right… 🙂

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