…and it’s Friday!

I love Fridays, especially getting off from work, when you know that you have a whole weekend ahead of you. Well, who doesn’t, right? 😉

Today I was in Beaverton office, but around lunch had to go to Tigard office to work on another project. They had a Hawaiian party just like we had in Beaverton a week ago, but theirs seemed much more fun. I’ve been on Ibuprofen all day, so I wouldn’t feel the pain from my stitches. After work, since I was in the area and Paul was out of town till tomorrow, I went to visit my friend Michaela and her family. I figured since her husband is a nurse, he will be able to remove the bandage, clean my stitches and put new bandage on. I ended up spending the evening there, went to Target together, where I bought myself more shoes 😉


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