Another killer workout!

Today was another killer workout. Workout buddy Hannah was back after over one month of being busy working, so it was very nice seeing her again.

Tonight we got to do as a warm up 400m run and 200 medicine ball throws with a partner. After that it was 5 minutes of rowing, then 8 rounds of burpees for 20 seconds and 10 second rest in between, which I managed to keep doing 5 in each round. Last but not least after all that, there was 5 minutes worth of medicine ball throws against a wall getting down into a squad, and I got 96 of those.

Now, my legs are killing me, as I am still trying to recover from last week’s workouts ;-) Tomorrow, I will get a night off as I am going to another Bunco party. In fact I have two Bunco’s to go to this week. One is tomorrow, and another is on Thursday with my usual group.


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