April Fools’ day workout

Yesterday was first day when Crossfit stared their new schedule by adding Tuesday and Thursday evening classes, which are more convenient for me.

Monday was pretty rough, when we started with 400m run for a warm up. The actual workout was 400 m run, 50 pull ups, 400 m run, 50 push ups, 400 m run, 50 squats, 400 m run, and 50 sit ups. I am not going to lie that I switched the work out around a little, so by the time I was supposed to do pull ups, I just couldn’t, so instead I went ahead and ran another 400m, which made it a total of 2400 m. Pretty good, don’t you think? :-)

Last night’s workout was a challenge as well, just look at the board:
April fools\' workout
Started with some front squats, dumbbell presses, and then went outside to do the actual workout starting with rowing 750 m, carry over head a keg for 400 m, 60 box jumps and 60 walking lunges.


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