Are Apple products worth the money?

Well this is a question that I’ve started to ask myself… I am not sure if it is just my luck, or pure reality… 🙁

I finally got my 30″ monitor yesterday, after it being lost since the day it got shipped. Not only I couldn’t track my shipment, but when I called FedEx, they claimed never receiving the item and after calling Apple, they couldn’t give me answers till 3 days after scheduled delivery, which was originally supposed to be Monday. So when I got home and my neighbor told me that they got my monitor, I was ecstatic! However, the second I plugged it into my computer, here came the disappointment. Where was my 2560×1600 resolution? 😥
The max I had was 1280×800, which ended up just hurting my eyes looking at it. I mean everything was just oversized.

After spending almost an hour on the phone with Apple and not finding the problem, I was told to go to an Apple store to have them look at it. So, today is the day of finding out what the heck is going on! According to Apple representative, my computer is compatible and should support my monitor and its resolution, so who knows what is going on…

I must say that I am not thrilled to have to carry everything, since both the computer and monitor are just soooo heavy. I am just hoping that someone will end up helping carrying those monsters in. 😉


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