Back in Bratislava

It has been a while since I posted anything about what I’ve been up to. Last year went by fast, I don’t even know how but I am glad it did. It wasn’t the best or my favorite year. Well, maybe attending NKOTB concert in Tacoma, WA. That was FUN!!!! 🙂

However, other things didn’t seem to work out as they’ve been planned like having Paul’s mom over for Thanksgiving. She had to cancel last minute, then we got stuck in Portland over Christmas, instead of going to see everyone in California due to snow storms. Nevertheless, I ended up making my mind about coming to visit my family and friends in Bratislava, Slovakia after almost 1 and 1/2 year for an entire month.

I’ve been here for a little bit over a week now. So far things are going well. Still am trying to meet up with everyone and even get out of the house and see downtown, how it has changed. Not only I’ve been struggling with jet lag, longer than ever before, but I’ve been doing things for work in Portland. I wish I could have taken an entire month off, and just relax, do a lot of traveling, partying with old friends, etc. 😉

So far I have been with my family, some childhood friends.

Left: Dad, wife Jarmila, sister Martina
From left: Dad, wife Jarmila and younger sister Martina

My grandma, Magda Gregorova at age 88
My grandma, Magda Gregorova at age 88

In addition, I also got to see my dear friend Andrejka who has lost her mom a little over two months ago. I felt sad not seeing both of them together anymore. 🙁 With the help of my mom and her aunt Vierka, we were able to surprise her last Sunday to go to see her favorite comedian Jozo Procko performing in Divadlo West in a play called ‚ÄúHlada Sa Novy Manzel‚Äù.

Left: Jozo Procko, Zuzana Tluckova, Marian Labuda
From left: Jozo Procko (in one of 5 disguises) Zuzana Tluckova and Marian Labuda, Jr.

Left: Jozo Procko, Andrejka, Marian Labuda
Jozo Procko, Andrejka and Marian Labuda, Jr. backstage after the performance

Well, it’s Friday and I am more than ready to get out to see how Bratislava have changed since the last time I saw it, maybe meet up with one, two or more friends. Other than that, I have another NKOTB concert in store for me. I ended up buying 5* VIP tickets for Frankfurt, Germany for January 31st. I was hoping to do more traveling, but that just won’t happen this time around. Not only it’s too cold and weather isn’t very ideal to walk around cities that I haven’t been to before, plus I have so much and so many people to see in Bratislava… 😉


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