Busy weekend!

It’s been a pretty good weekend, and busy at the same time. Saturday was all about Crossfit girls day out. It was fun. I came a little late, since I had to stop by work to make last minute changes to Bridge Pedal website, since the event was taking place the very next day. So, we started off with a workout that included quite a bit of running and jumping with and without a jump rope. After that we’ve played a little game out of which I won a gift certificate to a hair saloon. Then we’ve brainstormed some ideas what we, as women, would like to see incorporated into our gym.

Afterward, a little group of us went for an early dinner to nearby restaurant called Casa Naranja on Mississippi Street to which I’ve never been, but came back later that night for dinner with Paul. Not only the food was great, but the ambiance and the entire place had a lot of charm and character, which I fell in love with.

On Sunday, Paul and I wanted to get out of house, but also avoid Bridge Pedal event, so we decided to go for a hike to Silver Falls. We’ve never been there together, so we headed south after a little breakfast at Petite Provence, our favorite french getaway.

Silver Falls were pretty cool. I can only imagine what they all must be like in spring when we have more rain fall. We didn’t get to see all ten waterfalls, but we saw more than half of them.

If you would like to see more pictures from Silver Falls, go to my flickr account.


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