Bye Seattle!

Seattle Pike's MarketWith my upcoming relocation to Boston, I realized that it’s time to get a head start with those farewells. I’ve been to Seattle area several times a year over the past 12 years, mostly visiting my Slovak friends in Redmond. During those years, I’ve made more friends thanks to NKOTB getting back together back in 2009.

With An Event Apart coming back to Seattle and knowing that I wouldn’t be able to attend this year, the timing couldn’t be more perfect.

During the conference, I stayed with my friend Rachel which gave us a little time to catch up. During the days I would work and in the evenings I would go out and hang out with my webby friends. It was great seeing several familiar faces again and meeting few new ones. I got to pretend to be a tour guide one last time in a familiar environment, share few laughs that towards the end started to turn into tears once I would find myself alone. Yes, tears. I think it slowly started to sink in that soon I will be moving and won’t be able to come back as often as I would like to.

Rest of the week I spent with my Slovak friends in Redmond who have been through everything with me over the time I’ve lived here, so you can only imagine how hard saying goodbye to them it was. Understandably there were more tears as all those years were flashing right before me. I know I will be back though. When, I am not sure but I will come back visit.


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