Donnie Wahlberg tweeted me!

Yes, you are reading right, Donnie Wahlberg did in fact tweeted me back today. Finally, after trying to get noticed among all his almost 97k followers for the past few months. My chances seemed to get slimmer and slimmer. I was as persistent as I could have been, but had other things to deal with and yes, I still have a full time job that I would like to keep. So at this point in my life, work comes first and then everything else. 🙂

Anyway, today was a “I Love You” day. I was actually busy working, so I just sent three tweets… I was in a call meeting, but when I got done…went to check if some of my friends wrote me…

…and that was when I noticed a tweet from my friend from Boston who tweeted that she was happy that her friends got a reply from Donnie. Well, and she listed my name… it took me about a split of a second to realize that I need to keep scrolling the page to confirm what was I just about to say out loud… Well, I am not going to write it, as I am sure you get the point… :p

Enough of writing about it… here is my proof… I know… it’s pathetic… but what the heck.. we live once, so why not get happy about little silly things like these… right? 🙂


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