Become Dribbble’s Spectator or Prospect

DribbbleAs of yesterday, Dribbble made an announcement that it launched new feature for people who have been longing to follow, comment or like shots of their favorite players, will now have the opportunity.

For those who aren’t familiar with Dribbble, it is an invite-only based community for designers and developers to share 400×300 pixels max shots‚Äîsmall screenshots for people to get a little sneak peek of what they might be currently working on.

Invites are still quite hard to get buy and still don’t quite understand how they are being given out. I’ve been drafted and had a chance to setup a profile about 7 months ago but am yet waiting to get a chance to invite someone. So this announcement came at a perfect time and sure made a lot of people happy to have a better chance at track of what people are working.

So, if you are wondering what do you need to do to get started, it’s quite simple. Just go to about page and assuming that you have a Twitter account, you can just sign up using that to become a spectator.

By becoming a spectator, you’ll be then able to follow any of your favorite designers, like their shots or comment on them. You won’t be able to share your own shots with all your followers but there is still a chance to change that. Unless someone you know drafts you, you can also become a prospect, which will add you to a list of everyone who wants to get drafted.

Happy dribbbling everyone! 🙂


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