Getting better…

kittyI must say that last week kicked my butt a little, but slowly I am recovering. I am getting better, even though I am still congested and keep coughing. We had finally at Portland one nice sunny and warm day, but I was told by a doctor to stay in bed all weekend, sleep and drink a lot of water. Pretty frustrating, especially when on Monday temperature dropped from 75F to 55F. :-(


I had a “little” crazy morning today after realizing that my car battery was dead after I didn’t completely shut the door on it the night before. Ooops! :oops:
Thankfully, we still have our truck! That pile of metal actually was mobile and its engine started after sitting there for over a month in cold and rain.

I had to leave work a little earlier to go to my second dentist appointment to find out the final verdict on what other work I will need to get done and how much more broke I will be… ;-) I thought I would get some procedures done, but not till next time.

After that I had to figure out a way or find someone who would jump start my car, so I can drive it again tomorrow. I’ve tried to call people, but after waiting I figured that I will give it a try myself and learn how to do it, and hopefully nothing would blow up. I went to a AutoZone, and got myself a jump starter kit. After reading instructions and double-checking few things on lovely Google, I felt pretty confident and wen for it. And guess, first time try and there was SUCCESS!!! So, if you ever need your car to be jump started, I will be there. I have all you need, being a pro now! :cool:

Well, it is time for me to go to bed now and get my beauty sleep. I will need it, since I have my 6-month review in the morning. I can’t believe that it already has been 6 months since I joined Providence, wow! :-)


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