Going home again!

It’s been another eventful year for me whether it came to my professional, but mostly personal life. I did some traveling, meeting new people or reconnecting with old ones. I also had to make some life altering decisions & probably for the first time in my life I put myself ahead of everyone else in order to be happy in a long run.

It’s been hard on me in more than one way, but am glad and thankful that I have found the strength to do so. I am so grateful for all the people that helped me through all this or even opened my eyes and gave me strength to follow through. During trying times like these, it always warms your heart to know that there are and always will be people in your life who will love you no matter what… who’ll love you unconditionally, and all that is priceless.

As we all know, we all live our lives the best way we can and have our own hurdles that we need to go through or pass. Unfortunately, my mom had to go through another one less than two weeks ago when she unexpectedly lost her husband. It saddened all of us and took us by surprise. Everyone who knew Jožko, will remember him for his great spirit and always smiling no matter what state of mind he might have been. We all miss him dearly.

I wish it was under different circumstances, but this event brought me to a decision to go home sooner than expected. It might have taken more than a week for my work to approve, but now it’s official that day after Thanksgiving, I will be flying out of Seattle to go home to spend Christmas Holidays with my family and friends in Bratislava.

I will be working during the week, but still will try to mingle with my friends and have some fun. I would love to travel some too but only time will show if any of that will work out.


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