Happy Birthday

Even though I am thousands of miles away from my family and friends back home, I do remember everyone and try to think of them whenever I get a chance. Living so far away from everyone, results in missing everyone’s birthdays, name days, etc.

Therefore, I decided to send my best wishes to all of them, including both of my sisters Patricia and Martina, my cousins, my oldest nephew’s 5th birthday he had last week, as well as Frederic (who soon will become “papa”).

Together with Andrejka and her mom Darinka

Today though, it is Andrea‚’s birthday, my long time friend. We’ve been friends for almost ten years now, but living away from home makes it harder to stay in touch. She doesn’t have access to internet, and every time I attempt to mail her a card, letter, or pictures, she never seems to receive any of them.  So, if you know her, run into her, say “hi” to her from me. Thank you! 🙂


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