NKOTB in Tacoma, WA

A day after concert, a lot of emotions going through right now. I am still disappointed that NKOTB isn’t in Portland tonight, but at least I got to see them after all these years.

On top of it all, I just found some videos that were filmed of us in the morning, while waiting for the boys outside the Dome before the concert on YouTube. And guess what? I am in it! I look horrible thanks to my bad hair day. Not the best way to represent 😉

So far I have uploaded my pictures to flickr and some videos. I will write up more later about my experience as I get a chance.

Watch and enjoy…

See me showing off my scrap book of New Kids from back in the day…

I am too busy to take pictures of the buses that just pulled in. (29 seconds in)

Donnie coming out of his bus to greet us, but not for very long… 🙁

One of my favorite songs – Dirty Dancing

My Videos

Guys walking by back on the main stage during song “Tonight”

Donnie singing Cover Girl, shaking his booty, and some more 😉


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