Interlink Conference 2011

What is Interlink Conference all about? It’s a new 3-day web conference (2-day workshop and 1-day with 8 conference sessions) that will take place for the first time this year in Vancouver, Canada on June 2-4, 2011.

It wasn’t till yesterday, when registration opened with early bird ticket prices. I didn’t waste any time and made sure that I could attend and see the outstanding lineup of speakers that will present including: Frank Chimero (who actually lives in Portland as well as me), Simon Collison, Elliot Jay Stocks, Sarah Parmenter, Jonathan Snook, Meagan Fisher, Dan Rubin, Whitney Hess, Brian Hoff, Patrick Lauke, Ethan Dunham & Gavin Elliott.

I am already looking forward for my next trip up north, as it should be fun as well as very educational. In fact, none of the speakers I have ever seen speaking in person, so it will be nice to change that. As usual, I am planning on spend few days in Seattle area prior coming to Vancouver, just so I could break up all the driving I’ll have to do.


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