iPhone 2.0 vs. iPhone G3

Last week was another big week for Apple, and all iPhone addicts. I don‚Äôt consider myself to be one – YET! 😉 I must say that I was debating whether to get the new iPhone G3 and give the old one to Paul. He seems to think that it is more big of a deal to me than to him,‚Ķ is it really? Maybe 😉

I am not going to lie that I love a lot about the ‚Äúold‚Äù iPhone, and all its features. Last Friday, on July 11, along with iPhone G3, there was a upgrade for older models to iPhone 2.0. I just couldn‚Äôt wait, so first thing in the morning, I told myself that I can run the upgrade while getting ready for work. I only wish I would have known that my impatience will cause from having a fully functional phone. Later that day I found out that due to the worldwide release, iTunes couldn‚Äôt handle everyone upgrading their phones, so it wasn‚Äôt able to complete the upgrade, just like on mine. 🙁 As a result, my phone was not able to receive nor make any phone calls. Not fun, I must say!

Thankfully, once I got home in the afternoon, I was able to finish my upgrade and then just enjoyed rest of my evening downloading different apps for my phone to play with. 🙂

In the end, after doing some additional research, I came to a conclusion that I will wait on upgrading to another phone for another year. At least till Apple adds features like video capture, flash, and maybe few others…