jQuery Summit

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Over the years, I’ve attended several conferences whether I sent myself or my employer. Obviously, when you are the one responsible to pay for all expenses, the dollar signs star adding up and we all can’t always attend all the ones we would love to.

That is why I love what people like from Environments for Humans do. They put up conferences where you don’t need to worry about hotel or traveling expenses, as you can attend from any place that you are at, for as long you have access to internet. I’ve attended already a series of conferences that those guys have put together, like CSS Summit, iPhone/iPad Summit or Accessibility Summit and they all were amazing for a fraction of a price.

Well, there is another one, jQuery Summit, that will be taking place next week and there is still time to register. Whether you are a designer or developer and want to learn more about jQuery from some of the best in our industry, you know where to go and what to do. Don’t hesitate and register! I can guarantee you that you’ll be in for a treat and you’ll get yours money worth.

The lineup alone is hard to beat with people like John Resig (creator and lead developer of jQuery JavaScript library), Paul Irish, Aaron Gustafson, Jonathan Snook and many others.