Long time no ski

Me at Mt HoodIt’s been few years since I’ve been skiing whether it was due to busy schedule or not having the energy or whatever other excuse I could ever come up with.

I have to admit that after living in Chamonix for some time, the skiing options in Oregon couldn’t really measure up. However, when the opportunity came up to go up to Mt Hood Meadows with bunch of my coworkers, I jumped on it. Not only to finally being able to put the skis on, but also hang out with my colleagues as well have one more chance to visit Mt Hood before permanently moving to Massachusetts.

The day turned out amazing. Got to spend more time getting to know some of them on more personal level that is usually hard to do in work environment. The weather was perfect. We’ve got the sun, the snow, freezing cold, soreness and even few blisters but it was all worth it.


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