My first stitches…

Work week is almost over where I have been pretty busy, which made everything go by fast. And I like that. I went back to Crossfit yesterday and felt pretty good about it. I did my best to keep up with everyone else, even with those “Under Bar” exercise that I was a little worried about. I managed though in the end 😉

Today after work, I had a doctor’s appointment scheduled to look at one mole that I’ve had on my back for ages.I’ve always been worried that one day I will scratch it or something, so I decided to get it removed.

Originally, I was told that it won’t get done at my first visit. However, before I knew it, I was laying down on a table and the doctor had a scalpel in her hand. Thankfully I was numbed, so I barely felt anything. First time for everything, and today it was first time for stitches, and I got three of them! 🙂

After the appointment, Paul and I decided to try out this Spanish restaurant called Toro Bravo that we were recommended to go to. It is a very hip place with a lot of charm, but most importantly amazing food. It is a little pricier, but worth every penny. Plus the service is great and very amicable.


We’ve tried several dishes, but the one that I anticipated the most was a paella. Originally, I asked for it with seafood only, but by mistake I got it with everything including sausage, chicken and pork as well. It was pretty good, but I am sure next time I will enjoy it even more the way I would like it. We got a free dessert out of it though, so our tummies were more than just happy campers.


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