My new monitor & back at Crossfit!

Well, finally I have my 30″ monitor in its glory and full 2560×1600 resolution! I received my graphics card that I ordered, and after a little scare whether it was compatible with my computer or not, I was able to install it and FINALLY enjoy it!

I love having all this real estate on my desktop, with wishful thinking that it will result in more productivity as well as efficiency. 😉

After I installed and tested my new monitor, Paul and I realized that we had about 15 minutes to get ready and go to Crossfit Portland, where he haven’t been back to since late May. Since then, Crossfit has moved to North Portland, which made us happy since it is way closer to our house. It was very nice being back, and it will be even nicer when I get back into shape. Check me out working the sweat 😉


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