Purple for Rebecca

Purple avatars

Yesterday was the day when aside from Eric Meyer‘s family and their community, also many of us in web industry felt purple. It was the day when Rebecca’s funeral service was held and so many have had them all in our thoughts throughout the day.

We all wanted to do something. When the word has spread through social media that her favorite color was purple, Matt Robin suggested to get #663399Becca trending on this very same day.

Not only we saw it happen but so many of us tried to go even further by changing our avatars with purple overlays, or even updated our websites with Becca’s purple. I couldn’t help notice purple everywhere, not just on the web, which many may have noticed and wondered what it was all about, but even outside in the streets, in grocery store. All I could think about was this little girl who lost her life all too soon.

What touched me even more was when I saw that someone came up with suggestion to add #663399 to CSS named color list and call it “beccapurple”. Will it actually happen, only time will tell but all I can say now that it’s in the works.

All this was wonderful and very touching to see how the web community came together to honor this beautiful girl’s life. However, it certainly won’t take away the pain and heartache that so many, but mainly The Meyer’s family is still feeling and most likely will for some time while trying to move forward with their lives without their Little Spark being part of it.

If you still feel the urge to help in some way, as per family’s request, you can do so by donating to either or both Philadelphia Ronald McDonald House and the St. Baldrick’s Foundation.


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