Right click not working in Firefox 3.5

I didn’t realize how much I use right-click button on my mouse on daily basis, till it all of a sudden wouldn’t work. At first, I would blame it on my computer, but once I realized that it wouldn’t work only in Firefox, I started to wonder what was really happening…

I started to poke around the web, till I came across a possible solution after reading Right click not working in Firefox 3.5. According to this post, Yahoo Toolbar is causing this issue because

Firefox 3.5 is not available yet in the Ubuntu repositories for an automatic update.

This made sense, as I just upgraded to its latest version and that was when I noticed the issue. Even though I love my Y! Toolbar, I didn’t have to think twice to ditch it as I can’t live without right-clicking my mouse, the geek I am!! 😀


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