R.I.P. Christa Snorrason

What a day, or last couples of days, I must say!

On Sunday, as I was reading up on my younger sister Martina’s Facebook wall, I first found out an exciting news that she got engaged, but right after that I found out that her grandma has passed away. 🙁

christa snorrasonAnd then today, bright and early in the morning I found an instant message on my MSN messenger that my long time friend Christa, who I’ve met in Chamonix back in 1996-1997 has passed away this past Sunday at noon at the age of only 34. I was in shock and didn’t know whether this was joke, or just simply wanted for it to be one.

I knew that she’s been battling leukemia since 1997, when she first got it but had gone through chemo and received a bone marrow transplant years back, which seemed to help. Christa has been always athletic and so full of energy, that you just can’t seem to help it from not being upset about what she had to go through, as well as her friends and family.

The last I got to see her was back in 2005, when Paul and I were flying through Copenhagen to Slovakia for Christmas. We had less than a two hour layover there, but she came to the airport to see me and meet Paul. It was so nice to see her and talk to her in person after such a long time. She looked great, as always! I just simply can’t believe that I will never be able to see her big smile again. 🙁


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