Ryan – Our Piano Prodigy

Ryan playing piano

Just few days ago, I got an exciting news from home that my seven year old nephew Ryan has been possibly discovered for his amazing talent playing piano that he grew over last 16 months or so.

The last time I saw him, which was about 13 months ago, he was in his early stages learning few songs. However, it was nothing in comparison to what he was able to do once he transitioned from a keyboard to a real piano. When I saw one of the first videos posted to YouTube, my jaw literally dropped. I mean, he has even composed his first piece in memory of my grandma who passed away last year.

Well, I guess it didn’t take too long for people start noticing his passion and dedication for playing piano and was asked to audition for a role in an upcoming play “The Kindly Ones” by Jonathan Littel in no other than Slovak National Theatre.

Not only he participate but he also passed. It’s very much surreal but very cool at the same time, especially for our family.

Go to YouTube for more videos of Ryan playing piano.

Our Ryan will be performing on a same stage that once our grandparents, Martin Gregor and Magda Gregorová once did. He is already listed as cast member on SND‘s site and The British International School in Bratislava where he goes to school, has proudly referred to him as piano prodigy.

The premiere show will be in April but sadly I won’t be able to make it there. However, I’ve gotten the comfort of knowing that rest of my family and friends will be there to show him support, including our grandparents proudly cheering him on from up above, just as well as I will be doing from across the pond. I am very much looking forward to hear and see how far will Ryan take us all on this exciting new journey.


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