Snow in Portland

This is my first time in Portland since 1999, when we’ve got snow that not only sticks but has been hanging around for more than just a day. Not only that, but the entire city and surrounding areas seem to be all upside down. Normally I wouldn’t care, since I would finally have a white Christmas. But we were supposed to be in Oceanside, CA since last night. So far our flights has been canceled twice. We are now on schedule to go tomorrow, which should be a trip from hell. Traveling from Portland to Medford, from Medford to San Francisco and from there to San Diego. Maybe I shouldn’t complain too much, since a lot of people got it worse. We are at least home, in a warm house while a lot of people are stuck at the airport or hotels.

I just have been looking forward for this trip, seeing grandma and grandpa, as well as the rest of Paul’s family. Now it is starting to look like that we might end up staying in Portland for the Xmas holidays.


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