Well, finally I found some time to sit down and write up a little update on what is new with and in my life. In my last post I mentioned about a career change. After almost a year of working for Providence, I made the difficult choice of moving on to work for a local agency downtown Portland.

After the last two weeks with Providence, I got to work at ISITE for three days before Paul and I took for a week-long getaway to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. We’ve had great time, did some fun activities, did a little sightseeing and got to meet some people. We stayed at RIU Palace, which was an all inclusive resort. It was gorgeous place with amazing views and many places to relax.

riu palace, cabo san lucas

On Monday we decided to get out and do some of the activities that were available in the area, so we went for ATV’s. Since I was too afraid, we rented a double, so I wouldn’t have to ride one all by myself. It was more fun than I expected, and I even got to ride it for a bit, but I must say that only flat surfaces were my friend. 😉 We drove it through some hills, on uneven surfaces and ended up on a beautiful beach where we had about an 90 minutes to go off on our own. I rocked the outfit pretty good, like a bandit 😉

on ATV

The afternoon we spent at the hotel, in the pool and did some walking at the beach. Paul was brave enough to swim there, but I was way too afraid of all those under tides. We watched the sunset, which was priceless.

Tuesday, we decided to go check out downtown of Cabo San Lucas, which was fun. Well, at least to the point when we felt completely beat by the humidity and heat. Paul had to buy a new shirt, since the one he was wearing was drenched in sweat and I had to get another pina colada. 😉 We did a little bit of shopping and then went back to the hotel for the rest of the day.

Wednesday was fun. I decided that I wanted to go finally have the experience of swimming with dauphins. It was pretty pricey, and plus you couldn’t take your own pictures but had the option of buying some from the facility. Paul really wasn’t interested in participating, so I went alone. It was a blast! I was in a small group of four people, three girls and one guy. We got interact with Frida, an eleven years old dauphin. She was amazing and I couldn’t get enough of her. Funny thing happened when riding her on her back, all the girls (including me) lost our bathing suit bottoms. I was barely hanging onto mine by lifting my legs. So they didn’t get further than down to my knees. 😀

After swimming, we walked around the town till it was time to go on a pirate ship, which took us out of the bay into the ocean for a sunset. After about three hours on the water, we got hungry, so we ended up going to a restaurant in the bay and shared few meals together, including a lobster which neither one of us ever had.

On Friday we did a all day trip to La Paz and Todos Santos, which allowed us to see a little more of Mexico other than Cabo. On Saturday we hang around the hotel and in the afternoon we decided to go to Lover’s beach and as well as to Divorce beach. I must tell you that getting there was an experience of its own. The under tides are pretty strong and the waves at the beach by our hotel well quite big that day. Getting on the water taxi and getting off was pretty nerve wracking but fun.

I spent our last night at the hotel, watched the evening entertainment, had my last pina colada and then called it a night. Early in the morning was the time to get back to the airport and head back to Portland. As we were driving to the airport, we saw the most beautiful sunrise. Our cab driver was very nice and pulled over for me, so we could take some pictures for us to cherish and share with you. 😉



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