Web Visions 2008

Yesterday was my first day at Web Visions, and I am off to my second one today. During my first day I attended two half-day workshops, both with main focus on CSS and JavaScript. Both speakers, David McFarland and Aaron Gustafson, I got to see for the third time and neither one of them let me down – like usual. :-)
Both workshops were filled with a lot of useful information and ideas, which I am eager to go ahead and try out.

Aaron Gustafson at Web Visions 2008

Today, I am off for the second day of the conference and I’ll see who I will see then… I will definitely will go see Aaron again to see him speak about “What You Need to Know About IE8 and Standards“.

…and after the conference? I will get home, clean up a little and finally go pick my hubby from the airport and welcome him back home after 3 months being in Georgia. :-)


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