Wow, I thought Wednesday was bad…

Kitchen view with chimes

What a gorgeous weather is in Portland today, and it is warm too. I guess it should be close to 75 F (about 24°C) as well, but I will be stuck inside! :cry:

Why? Well, like Wednesday wasn’t bad enough for me after the broken tooth and all… but on Thursday I woke up with a headache and sore throat. I still went to work, but I was miserable, I mean really miserable! I even had to sneak away for about an hour to use a “sick room” where you can lay down on a real bed and turn the lights off. It maybe helped a little, but not much. Day was just going by so slow for me, but I made it through. sadly enough, I had to cancel my usual Bunco crew, because then I knew that as soon as I will get home, I will put myself to bed and sleep through the night. And I did, since my temperature was off the roof. I slept for about 11 hours, which was nice.

I felt better in the morning, but not great. At work I found myself something to do, which kept me busy for the entire day. I pretty much build the entire site for Providence Bridge Pedal for 2008, even though design hasn’t been finalized. But I figured that at least XHTML and CSS portion of it will be done. What a trooper I am and a great employee, right? ;-)

Kitty resting

After work, I got home, even washed the car after I got a new brand new windshield on Monday. Felt good overall. But then I woke up this morning with sore throat again and practically no voice, I knew I had to get this taken care of. Even when Paul called me, he started to laugh because I don’t think he was sure for a second whether that was me or not. Anyway, I saw the doc who pretty much said to stay in bed all weekend, drink a lot of water and sleep. How amazing, isn’t it? Outside is gorgeous, and I am stuck at home. I can’t even go see anyone, so I wouldn’t infect anyone. Well, I guess it will be just me and Kitty again.


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