An Event Apart Seattle 2010

YES, I’ll be back for another year of An Event Apart, after attending two years in a row An Event Apart Seattle 2007 & An Event Apart New Orleans 2008, but missing out this year due to some economy crisis and my personal life events.

I’ve been wanting to go to Boston for the next one no matter what the line up of speakers would be, but when I found out that for the first time ever that there will be A Day Apart, I knew that I’ll have to be there. Whether my work will pay for it or not, I had to make sure to make this happen!!! I mean I would be dumb to miss out on a full day workshop about HTML5 and CSS3 with Dan Cederholm & Jeremy Keith. A full day workshop that I’ve been wanting and even brought it up to Jeffrey Zeldman himself during a lunch at AEA in New Orleans where he sat at my table. Consequently, the second I knew that my wishes came true, it was a no-brainer that I had to be part of this & I will be… 🙂

So, besides signing up for two days of geekiness presented by only the best and my mentors in the industry like already mentioned Jeffrey Zeldman, my CSS guru Eric Meyer, always funny but mostly very resourceful Andy Clarke, also known as “Malarkey“. I will be delighted to see Aarron Walter again, as well as Jared Spool, Jeff Veen. In addition, I will get to listen for the first time to Ethan Marcotte who also co-wrote Handcrafted CSS with Cederholm and Designing with Web Standards (3rd Edition) with Zeldman, which both I got obviously and read by now. 😉

No need to add anymore as it should be obvious that not only I will get my money worth, I’ll have three days to spend among the best and learn from them as much as I’ll be able to absorb. So, I am happy to say that I’M BACK An Event Apart, so be ready for me!!!!!


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