Calendar Business Cards

Back in 2011, while in Europe, I finally found myself in UK, so I could attend dConstruct, a wonderful conference ran by the fine Clearleft team. It was then when I met Brian Suda for the first time. One evening he showed me one of his calendar business cards. What struck me about them was that he found a way to fit an entire year on that small piece of paper. Not only that, you can easily find out which date falls on which day in a week, which month of the year has 30 or 31 days, and even a leap year is marked. Fascinating, right? Well, I sure thought so.

When I found out that Brian was going to be speaking at this year’s dConstruct, I knew right then and there that if nothing else, I will need to find a moment to ask him if he has new ones printed out for 2015. Sadly, he didn’t but at least gave me one for 2014.

Yesterday I came home and found two more in my mail that Brian was so kind to send me, so now I am all set all the way through 2016. Thank you Brian.

The great thing is, as Brian pointed out to me, you can get your own if you’d like. He kindly posted his code for calendar business cards on Github and you can use services like Moo to print your business cards with a calendar on the other side. Like Brian nicely put it, it can be a very good ice breaker at the next event you may find yourself at. Not to mention, there is a higher chance of people hanging on to your contact information.


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