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Back in Bratislava

It has been a while since I posted anything about what I’ve been up to. Last year went by fast, I don’t even know how but I am glad it did. It wasn’t the best or my favorite year. Well, maybe attending NKOTB concert in Tacoma, WA. That was FUN!!!! 🙂 However, other things didn’t […]

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Well, finally I found some time to sit down and write up a little update on what is new with and in my life. In my last post I mentioned about a career change. After almost a year of working for Providence, I made the difficult choice of moving on to work for a local […]

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Back from An Event Apart New Orleans

I’ve been back from New Orleans since last Sunday, where I attended my second An Event Apart conference, after attending and enjoying one last year in Seattle. I left exactly a week ago, bright and early in the morning. Not only I couldn’t wait to go so I could absorb even more information from all […]

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