CSS3 For Web Designers

CSS3 FOR WEB DESIGNERSDan Cederholm is one of the people that I’ve been looking up to for years. Seeing him for the very first time at Web Visions in 2006 and his presentation on Bulletproof Web Design has literally changed my life for better.

His session made me look at the web in a completely different light and start to pay attentions to things that I never even thought of before. As a result, if there was anything that came out with Dan’s name being associated with, I knew that I couldn’t pass it by. Whether it was a last year’s release of his book Handcrafted CSS that he co-wrote with yet another amazingly talented Ethan Marcotte or the chance to see him speak again at An Event Apart Seattle, as well attending his workshop on CSS3 that he ran after Jeremy Keith‘s on HTML5.

Well, guess what? There is yet another book that is about to become available to buy. On November 16th, there will be a chance to order Dan’s new fruit of his labor, CSS3 For Web Designers that is being published via A Book Apart. There will be a option to buy either paperback, ePub or a bundle of both which will obviously save you few bucks. Exciting part about the ePub release is that it will also have embedded video, just like Jason Santa Maria have demonstrated earlier today on flickr.

It should be a really quick and fun read, just like the first book ever published via A Book Apart, HTML5 For Web Designers written by Jeremy Keith. I sure hope you’ll be getting your copy, just like I’ll be getting mine! 🙂


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