Responsive Responsive Design

I just finished listening to a Peachpit webinar who had Tim Kadlec on as a guest to talk about “Responsive Responsive Design”. Why the emphasis on the word responsive? Well, it is not just about making your site to have flexible layout that adjusts based on your device but also as fast as possible.

Tim talked about how responsive web design has sort of became a little bit of a buzzword over the years, ever since Ethan Marcotte first introduced the term in his A List Apart article back in 2010, and then later also came out with Responsive Web Design book. Performance and overall page load was something that started to become more of a noticeable problem as more and more responsive sites started to pop out. We were faced with more challenges to tackle, for some there are some solutions how to tackle each and one of them. Probably not all, but most. Furthermore, he walked through various challenges we are still faced with to date and different temporary techniques how to tackle responsive images, loading your content, managing CSS or scripts.

Just like Tim touched on some of the challenges we are constantly faced with, which may make our jobs a little harder. Yet, at the end of a day, it is a lot of fun.

If you are passionate about the subject, you should definitely follow Tim on Twitter, get his book on Implementing Responsive Design, or any of the smart folks from Future Friendly.


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