Calendar Business Cards

Back in 2011, while in Europe, I finally found myself in UK, so I could attend dConstruct, a wonderful conference ran by the fine Clearleft team. It was then when I met Brian Suda for the first time. One evening he showed me one of his calendar business cards. What struck me about them was […]

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Baby Steps

I’d like to believe that we were all put into this world to take on a journey. For some, it can be more or less exciting yet meaningful, based on events or people you may cross paths with. Some of them can be happy, sad, easy-going or more challenging. Personally, regardless of how hard some events have been in my life, I didn’t feel like I had the right to be depressed, as I still do believe that there are so many in this world who have it way worse than I do. Not to mention that I always try to focus more on the positive events or experiences, rather the other way around.

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So yesterday wasn’t just one of those bad dreams that you’ll get to eventually wake up from after all? I so wish it was.

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Purple for Rebecca

Yesterday was the day when so many of us in web industry, but also anyone related or close to Eric Meyer‘s family, felt purple. It was the day when Rebecca’s funeral service was held and so many have had them all in our thoughts throughout the day.

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In Memory of Rebecca Alison Meyer

As many of you already know, just few days ago, Rebecca Alison Meyer has lost her battle to an aggressive brain tumor on her 6th birthday. She was a fighter, brave little girl and a little spark, that so many of us got to know and root for over the past year through her dad’s, Eric Meyer’s posts as he was documenting their “journey”.

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